Purple Project for Democracy

Purple is a movement of mindful patriotism designed to remind citizens of what makes our country exceptional, without whitewashing sins of our present or our past. First and foremost, we remind ourselves of the priceless benefits of our democracy – certainly in comparison to the authoritarianism and tyranny that subjugate citizens elsewhere in the world. We educate about the design and function of our democratic institutions, demythologizing common misconceptions that feed public mistrust.

We dramatize the real-life stories of Americans famous and obscure, whose experiences have shaped our history and our law. We create means to stimulate civic engagement – from canvassing for political candidates, to testifying at the school board, to volunteering at the library, to serving on a jury, to running for Congress. It is a long term effort designed in three stages. The autumn awareness campaign contemplates an online Purple platform for participation — that leading to our ultimate goal: a new standard of citizen participation, instilling a heightened sense of responsibility by offering a social benefit on top of the civic one. Our model is a previous campaign to change social norms.