Teaching digital citizenship has never been more important. Prepare students to stay safe, solve problems, and become a force for good.


The DigCit Coalition, ISTE, and the Los Angeles Unified School District are hosting DigCit Connect - a virtual event on October 22. This free event will provide parents, educators and students with the tools they need to be creative, innovative and responsible members of the digital world. Join us to learn how you can kick-start the movement in your homes, classrooms, and beyond.



Explore the DigCitCommit Competencies

Digital citizenship is a critical skill for students of today and our leaders of tomorrow. These five competencies will shift the conversation from don'ts to do's.


I am open to hearing and respectfully recognizing multiple viewpoints and I engage with others online with respect and empathy.


I evaluate the accuracy, perspective, and validity of digital media and social posts.


I use technology and digital channels for civic engagement, to solve problems and be a force for good in both physical and virtual communities.


I make informed decisions about how to prioritize my time and activities online and off.


I am aware of my online actions, and know how to be safe and create safe spaces for others online.

Parents, educators and others with an interest in equipping students to thrive in digital environments can find an array of resources from our partners.


Do you lead a Digcit initiative within your state, district or organization? We'd love to learn more about the innovative work you're doing!

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