DigCitCommit Resource Application

DigCitCommit is a proactive approach to prepare students to solve problems and become a force for good. Join us as we shift the conversation from one of fear and negativity (don’ts) to one of inclusivity, empathy and action (do’s).

Do you have great resources to share with thousands of educators around the world? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Does the resource take an empowerment approach to digital well-being vs. a negative approach?
  2. Does the resource take into account multiple perspectives, i.e. religious, cultural, gender, racial, communal, parental, etc.
  3. Is the resource engaging? Does it stimulate active learning or spark engagement in a community?
  4. Does the resource align to one or more of the five DigCitCommit competencies?
  5. Is the resource current?

To submit a resource, please complete the DigCitCommit resource application below. Resources will be curated based on their alignment to the five competencies, as well as additional simple criteria.

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