Digital Citizenship Week

October 17-21, 2022

Each year, the third week of October is set aside as Digital Citizenship Week. This is a great opportunity for classroom teachers, district leaders and support staff, community stakeholders, parents and caregivers to emphasize the importance of developing the skills that enable us to live well in digital spaces. 

The Digital Citizenship Coalition embraces the notion that there are five attributes that are essential to being good digital citizens. It is through this framework that we shift the conversation from digital don’t’s to digital do’s!

Get started with these resources from the Digital Citizenship Coalition and consider these five goals.

kids working together on digital devices

The Digital Citizenship Coalition is a diverse group of tech, education, district and media organizations hosted by ISTE that share best practices and provide tools to promote a new definition of digital citizenship and well-being. 

Coalition members include: ISTE, Google, Meta, Common Sense Education, Snapchat, Newsela, Nearpod, UpSavvy, Natterhub, AVID, College Board, Committee for Children, edvolve, National Parent Teacher Association, New America, Digital Citizenship Institute, KQED, Omidyar, EVERFI, Generation Citizen, hundrED, BrainPOP, KidCitizen, Media Education Lab, National Writing Project, Team4Tech, Wiki Education, Wichita Public School System, #ICANHELP, Caroline County Public Schools, National Constitution Center, and Los Angeles Unified School District.